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Are You a Bag Lady? (12 hits)
Please do some spring cleaning before you let the new partner in. Why ish on him? #baglady #relationships #dating #cruise #vacation #erykahbadu #kamalimani #unorthodoxguru ...
Posted Thursday, June 17th 2021 at 7:12PM
by: Kamal Imani | post comment
How College Students Can Make Car Maintenance More Affordable (9 hits)
It's safe to say that unless you have a wealthy family, college is likely going to be financially difficult. For many college students, one of their biggest expenses next to room and board is their vehicle. Because apartments and dorm rooms close to ...
Posted Thursday, June 17th 2021 at 5:23PM
by: Hannah Whittenly | post comment
Constantly Studying? How to Fuel Your Education (13 hits)
From endless typing out papers in MLA format to highlighting material, and falling asleep on the pages of an open textbook from tirelessly studying for midterms, you probably have experienced education burnout at one point or another. If you feel as ...
Posted Thursday, June 17th 2021 at 10:52AM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
4 Careers to Consider if You Want to Work From Home (18 hits)
With the current situation, working from home has become a necessity. People are more concerned about their health and are shifting towards work from home strategy to ensure productivity amid the pandemic. Also, with this growing freelancing economy, ...
Posted Wednesday, June 16th 2021 at 12:55PM
by: Dixie Somers | post comment
Is Dating Older Men a Blessing or a Sin? On Love and Chit Chat (0 hits)
Let's see how these women feel about dating older men? Plus Ms. Nicole gives her disclaimer for the Fruity Drink Fruity Men Theory and more on this edition of LOVE AND CHIT CHAT! Hosted by Kamal Imani featuring special guest Ms. Ebony and Ms. Nic ...
Posted Tuesday, June 15th 2021 at 5:08PM
by: Kamal Imani | post comment
The Benefits of More Women Getting a STEM Education (77 hits)
The image source is Pexels. As you may know, the acronym STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. STEM is an overarching term used to refer to these fields, and there has been a recent emphasis on the concept of STEM due to the fa ...
Posted Saturday, June 12th 2021 at 12:56PM
by: Rayanne Morriss | post comment
Part 2- with Sis Nicole and Kamal -Relationship Talk laugh and learn (130 hits)
Enjoy this lively conversation as we laugh and learn about our experiences in relationships. Kamal Imani and Sis Nicole #relationships #dating #ghosted ...
Posted Friday, June 11th 2021 at 10:23AM
by: Kamal Imani | post comment
Looking for a Quick and Quality Education? Here's What You Should Know (160 hits)
A good education can open the doors to a bright future. However, not everyone has the time to invest in getting a four-year college degree while holding a job or raising a family. Fortunately, there are alternate routes for obtaining a speedy, high q ...
Posted Tuesday, June 8th 2021 at 5:37PM
by: Lizzie Weakley | post comment
MARCUS M-POSITIVE PARKER Set To Release New Single "Happy Fathers Day" A Ode To All Dad's June 20th (202 hits)
“Happy Father’s Day” Set to Release on Father’s Day 2021 On All Streaming Platforms For Immediate Release June 2021 - Marcus "M-Positive" Parker is an artist with a focus on pushing deeper, creating diverse and groundbreaking songs that will ...
Posted Tuesday, June 8th 2021 at 3:54PM
by: LaMarr Blackmon | post comment
Cut To Your Taste (179 hits)
A little background, what I have learned over Time, is that often Times, things that happen are no coincidences, some Times things happen: for a specific moment, for a specific reason, for a specific results, at a specific Time. To me, this is one ...
Posted Monday, June 7th 2021 at 6:53PM
by: Ivan Butcher II | post comment
3 Steps To Buying The Best Technology For Your SMB (161 hits)
Technological advancement has come with software solutions that make work easier and speed up business functions. Your small business might have limited human and financial resources necessitating the use of IT solutions. Technology, however, consist ...
Posted Monday, June 7th 2021 at 6:35PM
by: Stephanie Snyder | post comment
5 Tips for Setting Up Your Own Salon in Your Home (195 hits)
There are many reasons that you might be thinking about starting up a salon right in your home. You might be doing that because running a business from your home helps you save money, or you might be doing that for the convenience of it. Whatever you ...
Posted Monday, June 7th 2021 at 11:02AM
by: Dixie Somers | post comment
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